Design springs where you want, when you want with the web-based Spring Calculator from IST - the Institute of Spring Technology

IST has always been a leader in spring design software, with our current version of Spring Calculator Professional being the world leader and culmination of decades of evolution. We were also the first to launch a fully-functional online calculator containing a wide range of performance data from specifications around the world. This software has calcalated well over 100,000 springs since its launch in 2011.

However, from December 2020 we will be terminating this online calculator service and currently no longer accepting renewals.

If you are not already aware, IST offer both hosted and non-hosted versions of Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) and going forward we would like to migrate your account to one of these. The SCP software offers far more features and functionality than Spring Calculator Online with a much larger database of materials and performance data, more flexible design-based calculations plus many other advantages – Find out more about these features. If you’re unsure if this is right for you, we encourage you to download a 7 Day Free Trial.

To discuss your options further, or if you are new customer, please email Holly Greenhalgh at

Thank you

Online Spring Design
IST's Spring Calculator is a fully featured web application, allowing you to perform advanced spring validation and design.
Lower IT Costs
No need to worry about installation, maintenance, updates etc. Your application is hosted and maintained by us, so you always have the latest version!
Available Everywhere
On the road? No problem! All you need is access to a web browser, and you have the Spring Calculator (and all your saved work) at your fingertips.
Share Ideas
Share a spring design in seconds, and invite a colleague, customer or client to view or edit your work. If they don't have a login, they can create one in seconds.
Keep Your Data Safe
We've all lost data, either through hardware failure or just fat fingers! But you can rely on our servers to look after your work.
Universally Compatible
IST Spring Calculator is fully compatible with all main browsers and operating systems. So whatever you use, the chances are it will work just fine!