Spring Calculator Features

IST Spring Calculator is a revolutionary web-based application, allowing you to perform spring design as a pay as you go service, when you want and where you want. Because itís online, there are no upfront expenses for a license, you have nothing to install, maintain or update.

Simply sign up and you can instantly begin designing springs. Work is saved secure and online to ISTís server, and designs can be easily shared with colleagues or clients, anywhere in the world.

The following types of spring are all included for no extra cost:

Round wire compression



Conical compression

Rectangular wire compression

Non-standard round wire compression
All your spring designs at your fingertips

The dashboard allows you to create a new spring design, or load back one you created earlier. You can choose which spring types to show, and choose to filter designs by whether they are owned by you or shared with you.

Your spring designs are saved indefinitely on our servers, and won't be deleted if your subscription expires. In fact, you can still log back in and view any of your work, just not edit it.

A wealth of numerical calculations

All the information you could possibly need is calculated and displayed for your spring design, from physical properties to tolerancing specifications.

Both calculations and tolerances are performed to a variety of published standards. These depend on the type of spring, but for example compression springs can be designed in accordance with EN, DIN, BS, JIS or IS documents.

Important calculations are highlighted in red to show possible problems with your design, and popup help is available to guide you through your work.

Powerful visualisation tools

Gain a valuable insight into your physical spring design at a glance with spring drawing and load/length graphs.

Access to IST's performance data

Once your spring is designed, you can see predictions of relaxation and fatigue design life (depending on the material used).

These are based on testing performed in IST's laboratories over many years, and have stood the test of time in our existing desktop Spring Design & Validation software.

Relaxation predictions show the effects of time and temperature, and fatigue life predictions the benefit of shot peening and prestressing your spring (where appropriate).

Printable output

All aspects of your spring design can be exported quickly and easily to a PDF file.

So you can print it, save it, email it wherever you want!

Sharing your work

It's the work of a couple of clicks to share your spring design with a colleague. If they already have an account on Spring Calculator, they'll be able to log in and view the spring instantly. If not, they will be invited to create an account (for free) to look at your work.

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